How long does it take to get a settlement from a personal injury case?

It may seem like it takes a long time to get money from your personal injury case. While you are injured you may getting behind on bills  or maybe even be in the process of losing your house.

While you are waiting you can get cash for your lawsuit. This is called pre settlement funding. There is no risk to you. We give you cash, you don’t win your case or get your settlement, YOU OWE US NOTHING.

You have probably have seen the ads on TV for JG Wentworth, Peachtree Settlement Funding or Oasis Settlement Funding. We provide pre settlement funding like these companies. However, Empire Settlement Funding has very competitive rates because we don’t spend a lot of money on TV ads.

We provide personal service.

We don’t spend millions to get in front of Jerry Springerfans.

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You won't catch us advertising on Jerry Springer!! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We don’t spend millions on daytime TV ads.


If you want to borrow money against your lawsuit or if you need money now!!! Call us now!!!  Of fill out the form to the right to get started.

We can give you cash against your injury case in as little as 48 hours. 2 days and you can have money from  your pending settlement.